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  • Brush Size Matters
Brush Size Matters

Brush Size Matters

Choosing the right sized paint brush for an upcycling project can be tricky. You’ll often need more than once brush size and type to complete the different parts of the upcycling project.

Brush type

  • Wall brushes are best used for broad wall painting. They’re designed to hold more paint due to the thicker bristles or filaments which creates a longer, smoother brush stroke.
  • Sash Cutters are a full bodied cutting in brush ideally suited to water based paints.
  • Oval Cutters provide greater control and accuracy on the edges of the brush.
  • Angle Cutters (unsurprisingly) are angled at the head of the brush, allowing the painter to be able to cut to a sharper more exact area.
  • Lining Fitches are a thin brush with stiff bristles to get into those hard to reach places. Perfect for achieving a straight line and adding any decorating features to an upcycling project.

Brush Size

Choosing the right brush size means not having to tidy stray brushstrokes, or painting unnecessary extra brushstrokes.

  • 25mm - Small jobs & touch-up work such as chairs & timber trim.
  • 38mm - Furniture, small panels, window frames, trellis, mouldings, shutters and downpipes.
  • 50mm - Small to medium size work such as doors, screens, table tops, railings and cabinets.
  • 63mm - Outdoor furniture, cupboards, gutters, eaves and doors.
  • 75mm - Medium to large areas such as fence posts and rails, floor boards, steps, skirtings and fascias.
  • 100mm - Large areas including walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, fences.