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  • Up-cycle your Bi-cycle
Up-cycle your Bi-cycle

Up-cycle your Bi-cycle

Most people have an old mountain or BMX bike sitting in the back of their shed. Revamping it with a simple paint job can make it look like a million bucks! We’re going to give you all the know-how to get it done right the first time.

Things you’ll need:


Disassemble the bike and separate the parts from the frame so you are only left with the parts that need to be painted.

Start by removing any stickers that may be on the frame and forks.

HOT TIP: Have your hair dryer handy! Use the hair dryer to warm up the stickers and the adhesive will become soft, making them easier to remove.

Holding your safety blade at a 45 degree angle, scrape the stickers off the bike. Don’t worry if you scratch the existing paint as we’ll be sanding it back anyway. Any sticky residue can be removed with a rag dipped in all purpose paint thinners.


Once all the stickers have been removed, it’s time to sand. Using either 120 or 240 grit sandpaper, sand any surface that will be painted. The existing paint should be sanded back to a matt finish so that the surface is even and free from any imperfections.

Wash the bike with sugar soap to remove any residue or oils, hose down with water and leave to completely dry before moving on to the next step.


TIP: Start with the hard to reach areas first. Any weld joints, corners, etc. If you start there, you won’t get overspray on the main part of the frame later. Spray evenly with light layers of Dulux Duramax Metal Primer until opaque. It’ll be touch dry in 10 minutes but allow 2 hours to fully dry in normal conditions. If it’s rainy or humid, allow extra time before applying the topcoat.


For this project, we used Duramax® High Performance Enamel Spray Paint, which is available in a huge range of colours. Chat to us in-store about choosing the best colour for your bike.

Grab the can of Duramax® High Performance Enamel Spray Paint and give it a good shake to ensure the colour is mixed evenly throughout the can. Shake for at least three minutes after hearing the first rattle, and keep shaking the can regularly during use. Spray a few tests onto a piece of cardboard or paper to test for even colour distribution.

Starting with the more difficult areas again, use long and even strokes along the long bars on the frames for an optimal finish. Spray multiple thin light layers of paint until the paint appears opaque instead of one heavy layer. This will allow the paint to dry to a smooth and even finish.

Once the paint is dry, you can apply a layer of a Dulux Duramax Clear Coat over the top to protect the fresh paint job.

Reassemble the bike and you’re all set to go for a cruise on your fancy new-looking bike! Don’t forget to snap a pic for Instagram and tag us @insppaint.