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  • Start with a good finish
Start with a good finish

Start with a good finish

When it comes to upcycling projects, the sheen level you choose for the finish of your project will be based on the use and condition of the project.

Here’s a handy guide for choosing a finish for your project:

Gloss: a gloss finish is the sheen level that is easiest to clean. Upcycling projects that are going to be handled the most and require more cleaning will be better suited to a gloss finish. On the flip side, imperfections will be the most visible with a glossy finish.

Semi-Gloss / Satin: the most ideal finish for an upcycling project as it masks imperfections while still being washable without sacrificing the topcoat.

Matt: imperfections will be least visible with a matt finish but doesn't have great washability, which is why it’s often used in ceiling paint. Not ideal for items that require washing/wiping down.