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  • Know your grits
Know your grits

Know your grits

Sanding a project before painting is an important step for any painting project, but especially for upcycling projects. Depending on the condition of the item to be upcycled, there may be flaking paint, chips, scratches or imperfections that need to be sanded out.

When choosing sandpaper, remember the lower the number the coarser the paper.

Below is a general guide to help you choose which grit is right for you.

60 - 80 Grit: great for removing rust on metal and removing thick layers of debris. If you use a coarser grit, you’ll need to use a finer grit later to remove any scratches the rougher sandpaper may leave behind.

120 - 150 Grit: good for removing stains or preparing wood for stains and varnishes.

180 - 240 Grit: ideal for achieving a smoothing finish on a surface, and used for light sanding between coats of paint for better adhesion.