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  • Our Simple Guide to Spray Painting
Our Simple Guide to Spray Painting

Our Simple Guide to Spray Painting

So you want to tackle a spray paint project and you’re feeling pretty confident but you just need to brush up on your skills? Our guide will have you spraying in no time. Here we go.

Step 1

Prep. Yep. Nothing new here. Whether you’re brushing or spraying, you need to protect the surfaces you don’t want paint on. Use a good quality masking tape the edges and a quality drop sheet to cover broader surface areas.

Step 2

Shake it baby. Mix your paint by giving it a good shake.

Step 3

Hold the can upright and about 10-25cm away from the surface. It’s all in the light, even strokes. Multiple light strokes are best and will help you avoid thicker paint running and causing havoc on your surface. Wait 20 minutes or until your surface is touch dry before applying another coat. Depending on the brand of spray paint you use, most are completely dry and ready for use within an hour.

Step 4

This is important! Once you’ve finished with your spray can, turn it upside down and spray until you’re only spraying gas. This will prevent future blockages; you can thank us later.