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  • Maintaining Your Spray Tips
Maintaining Your Spray Tips

Maintaining Your Spray Tips

A good, quality spray tip is worth the investment, and while they won’t last forever, we want to make sure you’ve got all the tips and tricks (get it?) to make sure your spray tips last as long as possible.

Fun fact: You will generally get about 300L-600L out of a spray tip.

1. Spray at the lowest pressure

Always spray with the smallest amount of pressure that is required, and keep it as low as possible. Excessive pressure can cause the tip to wear quicker, but it can also result in an uneven paint finish. Managing your spray pressure will extend your spray tip life, reduce your paint cost and get a better finish, which means you won’t have to visit a paint store to get a new one any time soon.

2. Strain your paint

Paint often contains excess pigments, debris, and other particles at such a small size you wouldn’t notice them – but your tips will. These excess materials can clog your tips and accelerate the tip deterioration. Strain your paint prior to spraying to extend the life of your tips.

3. Use the right filter

Always use a mesh filter with your spray machine. As the name suggests, this will filter out any unwanted particles out of the paint, helping to reduce clogging within the tip. This will help extend the tip-life and create a better-quality finish.

Note: straining the paint and using a mesh filter isn’t an “either or” situation. To ensure you’re taking care of your machine, you will need to do both.

4. Clean your tips and filters after every use

As tempting as it may be to down-tools and head to the pub straight after a long day, we promise that taking the time to clean your tips and filters will pay off in the long run. Rinse your filters with water to remove any excess material or blockages. Clean your spray tips with water or solvent (whatever cleanup is recommended for the paint you were spraying), before thoroughly cleaning the type with a brush and cloth.