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Hallway Projects

The first stage of any house tour is always a hallway - the first thing you and your guests see the second they step through the door. It's a transitional room that leads your visitors from the entryway to the living room where you can get together, relax and share a laugh or two.

Often overlooked, it's actually a very important part of your house. Don't forget - you get one chance to make the first impression. So make it good!

Our projects break down the common stereotypes, giving you proof hallways don't have to - and shouldn't - be boring. Use deep, rich colours to add sophistication and elegance and make a strong, lasting impression straight away. 

Try another direction and go for pastels to make the space feel more cosy, charming and welcoming. Bold colours are also an option, play around with high contrast, use textures and different patterns for a bit more character and originality.

Place some carefully curated touches and accessories to amplify that sense of elevated style, with luxury accessories. Use plants, subtle cabinets, or chairs to bring some nature and comfort.

For a small and often narrow space like that, any decor elements are going to stand out, so it's important to make every single piece count. You don't want to make it feel too cramped.

The transition should always be smooth - make it that way with the right choices!