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  • Signs your spray tips need replacing
Signs your spray tips need replacing

Signs your spray tips need replacing

Spray guns. They’re a wonderful tool in a painter’s arsenal. They can save a lot of time, effort, expenses and material, but they need to be maintained and replaced to achieve a quality finish, and extend the life of your machine.

What causes tips to wear?

Nothing lasts forever, even your spray tips, and while spray paint offers some alternative, it’s not the most cost-effective one. Aside from general wear and tear, spray tips can have their lives shortened quicker by:

  • Spraying with too much pressure
  • Not straining the paint before spraying
  • Not using a filter, or using the wrong sized filter
  • Not cleaning the machine accessories properly, causing build up.

How long does a spray tip last?

A paint spray tip will last around 300-600 litres of use. However, depends on:

  • The abrasiveness of the products most often used – more abrasive products like ceiling paint will wear out a spray tip faster
  • The pressure settings most often used
  • How regularly and how well the tip is cleaned

Want advice on how you can extend the life of your spray tips? Check out our article on mainting your spray tips.

When should I replace my spray tip?

Test to see if your spray tip needs to be replaced by spraying it onto a piece of cardboard. If you notice any of these signs, your spray tips need replacing:

  • the shape of the fan spray has become shorter and more rounded
  • the fan width has reduced size by about 25%

If your spray shape is long and gives a nice, even fan, your tip is good for a few more uses!