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  • How to Feature a Nice Wall
How to Feature a Nice Wall

How to Feature a Nice Wall

Whether you’re all caught up on current interior design trends or not, there’s one thing you should know – feature walls are a thing. And a big one that.

If you’re planning on adding some spice and flair to your space, perhaps shake things up a little, or there’s a big renovation job coming your way – this is an option you could consider.

So, without further ado, here’s how you can get a nice feature – and not hit the wall while doing so!

What’s a Feature Wall?

Blue feature wall
Berger feature wall in Academic Blue

A feature wall, often also called an accent wall, is simply a wall in any room that is purposefully designed to be different from the rest. To stand out – in a good way. When done right, that is…

It’s all about creating a focal point and changing up the whole vibe - and sometimes - the style of the room with a single wall. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it gets even better.

That’s because there’s a wide range of techniques and tricks you can use to your advantage to get as much as you can for as little as you can. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t have to be an intricate hand-painted pattern we normally think about when it comes to feature walls.

Just a few well-placed decorations, a splash of colour, some texture, a unique piece of furniture, or natural materials… That may be all you need and there’s plenty for everyone to choose from.

And here’s a little extra – it’s actually an option for interior as well as exterior walls.

Why Would You Want One?

One wall can be enough to make your space feel brand new. Your chance to show some flair, personality and originality. It can be as intricate (which goes hand in hand with the amount of work you’ll need to put in) or as simple as you like - all that with a significantly lighter price tag. Especially compared to painting the whole room.

Picking Your Accent

We did mention there are plenty of different techniques and ways to add a nice feature wall, so let’s take a look at what’s actually out there.

Quick Cover-up

More ways than one to do so but this time we mean wallpaper. Mix and match it with what you have – that’s the best way to start. For a bright room painted with, let’s say, Dulux Vivid White, use grey wallpaper or aura wallpaper with a floral theme. But if the room features some darker colours, like Brunswick Green, then you could play on contrasts by incorporating white wallpaper. Have some fun with it.

Secret Garden Wallpaper
Secret Garden Aura Blue Wallpaper

Clad It Up

Although normally featured outside the house, we keep seeing cladding in bathrooms – and for a good reason too. They add a nice and original touch. But what to do with a bedroom? Or a living room? Well, there are other very similar elements you could use. Like wood panelling above the bed head. They don't require a whole lot of work to look really good and more importantly – to make the difference. Shiplap is another example and a very popular choice for a living room.

Keep It Simple

Let’s not forget the easiest way – paint. It’s still a viable option because here’s the thing: a feature wall, although the definition may suggest otherwise, doesn’t have to be big or attention-grabbing, especially when you’re dealing with little nooks. That’s why a simple contrast is normally enough – for both bolder or more conservative and hidden spaces. Works great either way. Antique White wall surrounded by charcoal. Or try something completely original like limewash paint to make a statement.

Spray It

Why paint the whole wall when a few patterns can do the trick? And don’t worry, you won’t need anything like a Graco airless sprayer for this one. A spray version of Dulux Grey will do just as good a job on brighter backgrounds. A great choice especially if you’re on a budget. Shapes, figures, full-on characters or something more abstract. Remember to use a stencil and secure the area around the pattern.

Add Some Texture

You can do this in many different ways. Leave a stone wall for that raw, industrial-inspired look or a rustic vibe, depending on the type of stone. Use floor-to-ceiling curtains behind the bed for a generous touch or originality. Apply a textured paint finish to your feature wall.

Brick By Brick

Another huge trend – and not only in recent years. There’s just something about it. Raw and charming at the same time. Unfortunately, a brick wall is not an option for everyone but if you’re absolutely hell-bent on having a feature wall like that, we’ve got some good news. Fake brick or simply a wallpaper with brick motif. That’ll do the trick.

Pave Your Way

No need to bust out your concrete cleaner and paving paint quite yet; we’re still inside the house, so we simply mean tiles. This is a growing trend that somehow has got out of the bathrooms and found its way into our kitchens and beyond. Incidentally, it’s also a great idea for a feature wall. Tiles can be a lot of work at first, but maintenance is actually very simple. Pro tip: grab yourself a grout pen to keep them looking fresh, clean and new.

Outside The Box

Accent walls, or simply, elements are an interesting option also for the exterior décor. Cladding, natural timber elements, special decorative masonry… In this case, strong contrast is not always the best way to go, so try something more subtle, perhaps like a Pale Eucalypt. And think about functionality first. Use special paints that offer a lot of protection, like Berger Solarscreen. Make sure you take proper care of your surfaces as they have to deal with some harsh conditions more often than not.

Do It Your Way

There are plenty of paths to a feature wall, but the best one is the one that speaks to you or fits your home just right.

Sometimes few shelves, a collection of plates, an interesting chalk-like finish or a single painting can be the missing piece you’ve been chasing after.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, or to look for advice from the pros – you can always find a feature wall expert at your local Inspirations Paint store! And we can’t wait to see how your next project turns out!