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  • Restoring your Dog’s Kennel
Restoring your Dog’s Kennel

Restoring your Dog’s Kennel

In the doghouse? Give it a lick of paint while you’re in there! Make your pup the envy of their fur-friends by giving their kennel a makeover.

You’ll need:


Start with a general clean by brushing away any spider webs, dirt or any other outdoor grit. Hose down the doghouse and make any structural repairs as needed.

If there are any obvious holes, gaps or splits in the timber or any newly repaired surfaces, fill with Selleys Tradie’s Bog using a flexible filling blade and allow 20 minutes for it to set. Using a 60 grit (medium-coarse) sanding block, sand back all timber trim surfaces and filled areas until smooth and level. Clean the whole doghouse with Selleys Sugar Soap so all surfaces are ready for painting.


If the kennel has any new timber panels, make sure to prime it with Dulux Duramax Undercoat. This will seal the timber surface for a longer lasting paint job. Hold the spray can roughly 25cm from the kennel and spray the undercoat on in light, misty layers rather than one heavy coating. Make sure to prime any filled and sanded areas as well and allow 2 hours for the undercoat to dry before applying the topcoat.


Now its time to see your project start to come to life.

TIP: Make sure you have chosen a few brush types and sizes that are suitable for your project. You don’t want to use a large brush in small areas.

A 75mm wall brush is a good choice for the broad sections of the kennel as the brush holds a large amount of paint to provide good coverage. Using a Spitfire 75mm Wall Brush, brush the first coat of Dulux Weathershield Gloss paint to the roof and trim. You’ll need to allow 2-3 hours in normal conditions for the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

While you’re waiting for the first coat of roof and trim paint to dry, you can start painting the main walls of the kennel. Using a Spitfire 50mm Wall Brush and an angled sash cutter, apply the first coat of Dulux Weathershield Semi-Gloss paint to the walls. The 50mm Wall Brush is best used to apply the paint to the broad walls, and the angled sash cutter will allow to you get into any tight areas and cut in for a perfect edge - like painting under the overhang of the roof or around the kennel door. Wait 2-3 hours for the first coat to dry.

Brush on a second coat of paint to both the walls and the roof. You guessed it - wait 2-3 hours until the final topcoat is dry.

And that’s it! Your pup will have a barking good time in his fancy new looking dog house that will make all the neighbourhood dogs jealous. Don’t forget to take a pic for Instgram and tag us @insppaint!